Mi Familia Lavanderia feels a social responsibility to provide laundry equipment that is environmentally friendly.  We continue to purchase Dexter products that consume less energy, use less fuel, and incorporate flexible water usage settings.
While the Dexter washers and dryers look great on the outside with polished chrome doors and stainless steel front panels, its the super-fast washing and drying that our customers appreciate the most.

Dexter Express Washers

Dexter EXPRESS washers are designed for maximum efficiency and have a higher spin speed so you will save even more time, energy and money. The washers at Mi Familia Lavanderia vary from 20 to 90lbs in dry weight capacity.

Dexter Express Dryers

The top-performing Dexter EXPRESS dryers are something that sets Mi Familia Lavanderia apart from our competition. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the dryers quality performance because less time is spent at the laundromat.

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